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Combined (Biarritz Aquarium + City of the Ocean)

Visit the Biarritz Aquarium and the City of the Ocean on one or more days at a bargain price !


Biarritz Aquarium

Biarritz Aquarium takes you on an unforgettable voyage across the oceans of the world.
Don't miss the fun of seals' feeding time, every day at 10:30 am and 5 pm. Entertainment that is sure to enthral young and old alike !
There are 7 different species among the thirty or so sharks swimming around the 1,500 m³ tank ! A thrilling extravaganza !


City of the Ocean

Where does the water in the oceans come from ? How are waves formed ? Why is seawater salty ? Lots of questions to which you will find the answers when you visit the City of the Ocean.
3D animations and interactive devices will help you navigate through the mysteries of the ocean.
NEW FEATURES : Virtual Surf, the new simulation game ! Come and surf the legendary waves of the Basque Coast !


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